Fall into STEM with These 5 Engaging Resources!

Autumn is a great time for STEM learning

Happy Fall Season! You can “Fall” into STEM with engaging resources for your students. The summertime heat has subsided, and cool breezes are making days and nights a bit more comfortable. Pumpkins and scarecrows are beginning to appear on porches and stoops while spooky skeletons and giant spiders have been used to decorate the yards of those who are a bit braver. It’s the time when students may start to get a little antsy and may need a little extra incentive to settle and learn.

So, have you thought about ideas to help bring the fall season into your STEM classroom or homeschool setting? If you have, you are well on your way to further engaging the children in STEM learning. If not, now is the time to get on your broomstick, so to speak, and prepare for the month ahead to better connect your students with STEM concepts via their interest in the fall season and Halloween.

Engage Them with Easily Accessible STEM Resources for Fall!

Here are some wonderful, autumn-themed science projects, early-finisher activities, and a few other seasonal STEM must-haves just for you and your students ages 3-14! Most are at no or very low cost to implement as well as EASY to use so that you will save both time and money, two things that teachers usually don’t have in abundance!

Try implementing at least one of the resources here during this month of Halloween. If you can utilize more, you and your students will only stand to benefit. The students will thank you for your good efforts—AND better retain what they learn, too. What a WIN-WIN for the month of October!

Fall STEM Resources

Compiled by STEM-apalooza!®

10 Pumpkin Science Activities – (Some FREE) by Christopher Olson, Education to the CORE

Here’s just one opportunity to bring fall into your classroom with 10 science activities with pumpkins!

Spooky Season Must-Haves for Teachers – (Some FREE) by Korryna Sanchez, Education to the CORE

This is a great collection of STEM resources to use throughout October or the fall season. Kids will love the hands-on activities included that will help them retain the underlying scientific principles they need to learn.

Halloween STEM Activities Your Students Will LOVE! – (Some FREE) by Meredith, STEM Activities for Kids

Grab and sustain your students’ attention with these seasonal STEM activities they’ll enjoy AND remember!

Halloween STEM Building Challenge – FREE (Gr. 1-3) by Education.com

The possibilities are endless with this enjoyable Halloween-themed STEM activity! With simple supplies, children will experiment, adapt, and use their creativity while they build structures using different specifications.

10 Fall STEM Resources for October – (Some FREE) compiled by STEM-apalooza!®

Check out these easy-to-use STEM resources for use during the fall season leading up to Halloween. You’ll discover a wide variety of activities, experiments, and projects to encourage critical thinking and problem solving in your STEM classroom right now!

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