It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like FREE Holiday STEM Resources!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like FREE Holiday STEM Resources!

No time to investigate FREE holiday STEM resources? Once again, it’s that busiest time of the year when boxes of decorations are re-opened, holiday trees might appear, or fragrant pine wreaths adorns front doors. So, the holiday season has arrived, and the kids are excited and wiggly. What’s more, they’re waiting for that all-important day when gifts arrive under a decorated tree or in shoes set by the fireplace. As they wiggle and worm their way to that gift-giving day, what can you do to help settle them down and engage them in something other than mischief?

To help, we at STEM-apalooza!® have gathered a collection of FREE holiday STEM resources your kids can do at home (or at school). Whether you are a homeschooling parent or a traditional classroom educator, we have more than a few STEM holiday “goodies” for you here. What’s more, they can all be used immediately at low or no cost! So, this post is for parents, teachers and students who might need a little more help and support during this special but “antsy” time of the year! Enjoy—AND Happy Holidays, everyone!

FREE December STEM Resources

Compiled by STEM-apalooza!®

Christmas STEM Resources

Creative Christmas STEM Activities Your Children Should Try – The STEM Kids (K-8)

This year, make the most out of the Christmas Season with these timely STEM activities. Discover some outstanding holiday arts & crafts for your child’s ultimate STEM-themed Christmas celebration right here.

8 Simple Christmas Science Experiments for Kids to Try This 2021 – The STEM Kids (K-8)

Keep your child’s learning routine active without taking the fun away from holidays! Plus, you likely have the supplies needed for these holiday STEM experiments in your home, so grab them and let’s begin!

25 Creative Christmas STEM Challenge Ideas for Elementary – (K-8)

If you really love Christmas, you’ll love these amazing Christmas STEM challenge ideas and for kids of all ages. As a result, you’ll discover that Christmas has never made you this smart before!

16 Christmas STEM Activities – The Homeschool Scientist (K-8)

Here is a great collection of STEM activities to keep young scientists busy during December and all winter long! Future innovators and critical thinkers might love these resources almost any time of year, too!

25 Christmas STEAM Challenges – Kids Innovation Lab (K-8)
Through the process of experimenting and exploring, your child is using creative and critical thinking skills. Scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and artists all use the same critical thinking skills to find new and innovative solutions.

Kwanzaa, Hanukkah & Other Holiday STEM Resources

7 Holidays Around the World STEM Activities That Kids Will Love

It’s the perfect time to look at Holidays Around the World STEM activities! Discover seven holidays and seven STEM activities—1 STEM activity for each holiday. Check them out!

Hanukkah STEM: Paper Circuit Menorah

Learn about the concepts of light, conductivity and energy with this unique FREE STEM activity perfect for the Season of Hanukkah!

Light the Kinara! STEAM Activity

The Kinara is the 7-candle holder that represents an African family’s heritage. Invite your child to explore a new cultural tradition by playing this fast-paced, 2-player Kinara game! FREE download included.


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