Engage Your Students in STEM That Inspires!

STEM activities that engage and inspire students

It’s that time of year when you’ll want to engage your students in STEM that inspires! Right now, it can be particularly challenging to engage your students in any type of learning. The end of the school year is fast approaching, and students’ minds are often distracted by the changing seasons and the lure of…

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7 Habits of Thinking Like a Scientist

Want to think like a scientist? Looking to one day work in a STEM field? Then, there are a number of different habits you will want to develop before that can happen. Some of these habits may surprise you and almost seem counter-intuitive. Not to worry. Be assured that adopting these important habits will lead…

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Ultimate STEM Resources List for Back to School!

ULTIMATE STEM Resources for Back to School

Need a list of the ultimate STEM resources for back to school? Looking for science activities to boost student engagement and understanding? You’ve come to the right place! As kids return to school for the new year, it is always a good idea to refresh your teaching toolbox and bolster the STEM resources you already…

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STEM and Summer’s End Go Hand-in-Hand!

STEM and Summer Go Hand-in-Hand

STEM and summer’s end definitely go hand-in-hand. It may be August with the kids still on summer break, but it can be one of the best times for STEM learning. At the moment, the feeling of summer’s freedom has most likely worn thin for many kids (for parents, too!) with restlessness taking its place. What…

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Avoid the Summer Slide with STEM!

Want to avoid “the summer slide” after the school year ends? Not to worry! There are a variety of ways to entice and engage children and teens throughout the summer vacation period with great STEM activities. That’s the purpose of this post—to provide you with great STEM resources to continue learning all summer long! Here…

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Engaging STEM Activities for Earth Day

Let’s get ready for Earth Day (April 22) with some engaging STEM activities for kids. We’re certain they will enjoy them while learning at the same time! A few of these STEM resources will allow students to enjoy the warmer weather outside. At the same time, some of the activities here will be appropriate for…

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FREE Resources for March STEM Madness!

FREE Resources for March STEM Madness! What comes to mind when you hear the words March Madness? Basketball, right? Well, we actually think of basketball AND STEM when March arrives. Yes, basketball brackets and stats are a big part of this month. At the same time, it is a great opportunity to incorporate some interesting…

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