STEM and Summer’s End Go Hand-in-Hand!

STEM and summer’s end definitely go hand-in-hand. It may be August with the kids still on summer break, but it can be one of the best times for STEM learning. At the moment, the feeling of summer’s freedom has most likely worn thin for many kids (for parents, too!) with restlessness taking its place. What better time than now to re-introduce them to a few STEM concepts with engaging activities because STEM and summer’s end go hand-in-hand!

With that in mind, we have some great STEM resources to share with you to help entice your children back into “learning mode” in the days ahead. In fact, these engaging resources may just be what you need to create a good transition between August and September, when students will begin heading back to school. So, enjoy—AND learn, too, because STEM and summer really go hand-in-hand!

STEM Resources That Go Hand-in-Hand with Summer’s End

STEM Resources for PreK to Gr. 8

Sun Science Experiments & Book Suggestions by T. Oblock, Lessons for Little Ones (PreK-5)

This is the perfect time of year to teach kids about the sun and have some “fun in the sun” with learning activities outdoors! These hands-on activities are perfect for keeping young students engaged and learning near the end of a school year. They can also be used with children at home during the summer months or during summer camp programs.

15 FUN Summer STEM Activities! by The Homeschool Resource Room (PreK-8)

Discover 15 FUN summer STEM activities right here! Read on for hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math ideas that will keep kids learning through the summer – inside and out!

STEM Resources for K to Gr. 12

18 Ocean STEM Activities for Kids by J. Fisher, KC Edventures (K-5)

Dive down deep today to explore ocean zones, marine animals and more with these amazing STEM ocean activities that are perfect for a little summer learning! If your kids are fans of whales, sharks and the big blue sea, they’ll LOVE these hands-on, ocean science activities. Even ocean-themed math resources are included here!

FREE Engaging Summer STEM Resources compiled by STEM-apalooza!® (K-12)

It can be challenging to find STEM resources for a variety of grade levels ALL in one place! This list of summer STEM resourceas will do just that, however—AND they’re FREE, too!

20+ Amazing Summer STEM Activities for Middle School by STEAMsational (Gr. 6-9)

Summer STEM activities aren’t just about learning, but they are also fun! Your middle school kids will do everything from math practice to engineering without even realizing they’re learning. These summer STEM activities for middle school are a great summer activity because they keep your kids’ brains active amd rengaged during the long summer break.