100 Science Experiments


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Authors: Georgina Andrews & Kate Knighton
Illustrator: Stella Baggott
For Ages 9 -12

Book Series: Usborne Books -EDC Publishing
Narrative Type: Non-fiction
Publisher: Usborne – EDC Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Type: Reference & activity
Format: Reinforced Softcover
ISBN: ‎ 978-0-7945-1076-3
Language: English
Features: Illustrated with full-page, color graphics
Topics: STEM, Science

Does your child enjoy conductung science experiements? Science or STEM learning is not complete without an abundance of hands-on activities. This book contains many science experiments with detailed steps, explanations, colorful illustrations, and coordinated internet links to enhance science studies. The following are just a few examples: grow varied crystals, a wormery, a compass, invisible ink, a butterfly feeder and much more. Other activities include subjects such as DNA, float an egg, separate mixtures, test their sense of taste and others. The book concludes with an overview of the scientific process and encourages children to do their own scientific research. A glossary and list of science experiments make it convenient for parents/teachers to quickly find the right activity to correspond with a lesson.

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