Have a Heart!


For Grades 4-6

A Hands-on Introduction to the Circulatory System
A 3-day STEM Unit in Anatomy with Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

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Grades 4-6

The human heart is a vital part of the human anatomy. Without it and its proper function, human life is not sustainable. It is important to learn at a young age how the heart works and how to maintain a healthy heart for a long and productive life.

This 3-day unit will enable teachers to help students do just that. They will learn the basics of the human heart and how its parts work together to pump blood throughout the entire body. Students will apply what they learn in the building of basic heart models. They will then present the models to the class with a short summary. This unit will take learning a step further to help students learn how to achieve and maintain good heart health throughout life, too.

This unit bundle will provide step-by-step lesson plans for Grades 4-6, a printable unit vocabulary list for students, and a collection of extension resources for additional study or enrichment. As a result, teachers can easily differentiate this unit for gifted students, too.

Students will also learn about the value of determination, persistence and patience—while having fun, too!  A large list of additional related resources for further enrichment is also included with this unit bundle

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