Be a Young Inventor!


For Grades 2-4

An Introduction to the Invention Process with Emphasis on Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

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Required Time: 5 class periods (approx. 5 hours), depending on activities selected

Grades 2-4

Challenge your students to problem solve about problems they experience every day! When a person solves a problem with a new idea, we call that person and inventor! Inventors can be young or mature, girls or boys, women or men and can live anywhere. Your students can become inventors, too. They just need to look for a problem to solve and then get to work developing that idea, if it is a NEW idea never before created. This unit will help them get started on their own invention journey.

Optional: If the teacher elects to do so and time permits, students can create prototypes for their new ideas, using common and inexpensive household materials or items from home, if needed. At the same time, students will also learn much about patience, determination and persistence with this project. Combine scientific and creative learning with FUN! Extension and enrichment resources in a clickable list also included.

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