Be an Inventor!


For Grades 5-12

An Introduction to the Invention Process with Emphasis on
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving


For Grades 5-12

Required Time: 5 to 10 class periods (5-10 hrs.), depending on activities selected

Have you ever thought of a really good idea that solves a problem for you or your family? Do you know someone who created a toy, app or game that is fun to play? These are just a few examples of what inventors do. They DISCOVER and SOLVE problems that you and I experience daily. Your students, too, can be inventors and solve everyday problems. Here, you will have the “nuts and bolts” to get your students on the road to inventing!

This unit will provide background for the teacher (if needed), resources and step-by-step lesson plans for each of 2 grade level ranges: Grades 5-8 and Grades 9-12. Because of this, the unit can easily be adapted for gifted students, too.

Optional: If the teacher so chooses, students can have an opportunity to create their own prototypes of their innovative ideas, using common and inexpensive household materials or items from home, if needed. At the same time, students will also have an opportunity to further improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills if they want to create and develop a truly useful invention!

Students will also learn about the value of determination, persistence and patience—while having fun, too! Included with this activity and lesson plan is a long list of additional inventor resources with clickable links that will further enrich student STEM learning.

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